Revelation Knowledge

Every day is a new day
My mercies are new every morning.

Expect each day a new revelation
Of who I am
A new revelation in knowledge and wisdom.
Each day spending your time wisely
Listening what to do.
I am coming
And I want you ready.
Hear me, my people
Keep your focus
On my plan and purpose.
My Word is a lamp to your feet
And a light to your path.

Stay close to me and to each other
Lifting each other up
Honouring and loving one another.
I am the strength of your life –
Of whom shall you be afraid.
Keep trusting and knowing that
I am the Lord your God
And every knee will bow and every tongue confess
That I am Lord of all.
I am risen from the dead and I am Lord.

My resurrection power now lives in you, my people.
Come fly with me
Come soar with me
As an eagle
And you will see with my perspective
And you will know
Your time is in my hands
Your life is in my hands.
Work with me each day
For my plan and purpose to be fulfilled
In your life and in the earth today.
Your part is important to me.
Expect each day for my revelation to you.

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