Soon I will no longer strive

The time is coming and coming soon when I will no longer
Strive with those who don’t want to take the path I have chosen for them.
I discern the thoughts and the intentions of the heart.
There will be a flow of my Spirit
Ever increasing
Ever increasing.

Enter into my flow, my people.
The plans of man to be put aside.
Seek my face
My will,
My Way
Day by day
Day by day.

There will be a drawing of those who desire only my plan and purpose.
They will gather together, being of one mind and spirit.
They will strengthen each other
Encourage each other
With the love I have implanted in each one.
My people, my people
I love you
Your expressions of love and adoration I hold close to my heart.

Confess your sin and unbelief
Day by day – day by day.
Walk and run free from condemnation.
Stay humbly before me
Yet bold in my Spirit
For the tasks I give you.
Know that all things work together for good
For those who love me and are called according to my purpose.

This is the day to march forward
Taking the territory
Step by step
Wielding your sword
To the right and to the left
Making way – making way
Preparing the way for the Lord of Hosts.

Prepare the way for the King of Glory
Prepare the way – Prepare the way! –
For truly I will come at the appointed time.
Know that the time is approaching when I will return
To gather my own to myself.
My beautiful Bride will be ready for me –
She will prepare herself –
She will watch and pray –
She will see the signs of my coming
She will be clearly seen.
She will shine and glow for me
Full of my Spirit.
The Spirit and the Bride say “Come Lord Jesus!”

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