I love you my people

I love you my people
And I pour out my blessings
Day, by day, by day.
Yet often you miss to recognise
These blessings are from me –
And now as I pour my blessings out
Do you see?
Do you see?
I am pouring out my love
So you can clearly see
A glimpse of my glory.
More and more you will see
As the days go by I desire to reveal
More of who I am.
Draw closer to me
Feel my heartbeat.
Acknowledge me in all you do
So that I can be seen in you
Clearly seen –
The Hope of Glory clearly seen.
You are, for me, a sign and a wonder.
Glory only in knowing me
That I am the Lord
Who exercises loving-kindness, justice and righteousness
In the earth
And in these things I delight.

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