Trust Me

Trust me to work in you
To complete in you the work I have already started.
I see the end from the beginning.
I am the beginning and the end –
The alpha and the omega.
Trust me to outwork what is happening right now.
It is never easy to change direction –
To change mind sets
To let go of mindsets
To let go of strongholds
Strongholds of protection
But there needs to be no fear
If you are fully trusting in me.
Expect my miracles every day.
Know that all my blessings are there for you to take.
Reach out your hand
Open your heart
To receive as well as to give.

My fullness is to be experienced
Step into it more and more.
Be complete in me –
My wisdom is yours
My knowledge is yours
All that I have is yours for the taking.
Open your mind
Open your heart
Your spirit longs for more.
All that I have is yours.
You are my beloved
I do not wish to with-hold anything from you.
My fullness I long to give you my people.
Walk in it
Then stride in it
Walk with purpose
And be ready for me as Bride.

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