Not to miss out

I don’t want you to miss out on anything I have for you.
Be ready
Always be ready to receive.
I have a bountiful supply of blessings –
Food for the eater
And drink for the celebrating,
Those who desire to celebrate me are to drink
Deep, deeply from the wells of living water
Streams in the desert.
How I love my people.
Expect more and more blessings.
I long to pour out on my people
The abundance they have never known before
All you need to do is to tap into me.
Look toward me – not to human resources.
Expect the miracles every day.
I am waiting in the wings.
My people will be centre stage
And they will glorify me.
Drink deep
Drink deep from me
Every day
Dig deep into my word.
Enter into high praises
Glorify me in all you do.
May I be seen in each one of you.
Deep unto deep.
Deep unto deep.
Be rooted and grounded deep into me
Rooted and grounded deep my love
Live in my love –
Reflect only me.

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