The hour is coming

The hour is coming, and soon will be
When I will return to earth.
Know this my people –
Are you prepared?
Are you ready?
Is your house in order?
Set your heart and your mind
On things above.
This world has nothing to give you
Nothing that is worthwhile –
Nothing that can be taken with you
When you come to me as Bride.
Prepare yourselves my Beautiful Ones
Prepare yourselves for me.
Know that I am coming and I am coming soon.
Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!

Many times these words have been spoken
That I am coming soon
And it seems to you ‘nothing new’.
It is what you already know
But I say to you today:
Take these words deep into your spirit
Believe it every day –
Then you will be ready
You will be prepared.
My oil will be in your lamp.
You will shine for me.
You will look with expectancy –
You will look for my coming
And you will see
Mysteries, yes – mysteries
Mysteries revealed.
Be ready for me, my Beautiful Ones –
I ask you to be ready for me.

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