The time has come in your life

The Time Has Come In Your Life
For you to rejoice even more in me.
Rejoice I say, and again I say – Rejoice!
For have I not kept you?
Have I not cared for you
In all the trials and tribulations
Which are part of the world –
Part of living in the world?
Yet I say to you today
You have been placed into my Kingdom
The Kingdom of Light.
It is in this Kingdom I would have you live.

Spend more time with me.
Take the time to listen –
I am your shepherd
You do hear my voice.
Know this my people
My special ones
I have tasks for you to do at this stage of your life.
I have for you assignments.
Rejoice in me – again I say – Rejoice!
Come with thankful hearts into my presence.
I have placed in you many gifts –
I have grown in you much fruit –
You are, for me, a special vineyard.

Know this, my people,
You are to look and see,
Hear and know
The tasks I have for you –
The assignments I have for you.
They may seem small in your sight
But I say to you they are important to me
And they are part of my plan –
For yourself
For others
For my will to be done –
For my Kingdom to come
On earth as it is in heaven.

You have been growing from glory to glory.
Know that it is time for you to rejoice
And again I say – Rejoice!
You have been born for such a time as this.
Pass on my wisdom
And be expectant for what I would have you do.

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