To pray and care for my people of Israel

To Pray And Care For My People Of Israel
Soon is coming and soon will be
The decision all must make –
The decision whether or not you are on the side
Of my people of Israel
As they have to stand against the forces of darkness
More than ever before.
There will be a dividing line.
There will be as it were a fence.
There will be my blessings poured out on those
Who pray and care for my people.
The time has come for restoration –
The time has come for reconciliation.
Be reconciled my people.
Be reconciled to me.
Be reconciled to each other –
All those who love me.
Be reconciled to your heritage.
Love with my love.
Rest with my rest.
Rejoice with me that the time is approaching
When the plan and purpose of the Father
Will be fulfilled on earth
Be part of my plan.
Move with me and help bring in
Others into their destiny.
The glory of the heavens is being rained upon the earth.
Move with me into the glory.
Love with my love – hate all that I hate.
Be strong and stand tall.
I will reveal more and more.
Take time to listen and to be
Always positioned ready for me –
Ready to hear and to obey
Each day, each day I say.

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