I am a covenant-keeping God

I am a covenant-keeping God
My word is forever true
I will never leave nor forsake you.

I keep my word
My Word is alive
Hold it close to your heart.

As you drink from me
As you eat my bread –
For I am the bread of life,
You will merge into me,
You will be set free
I am to be your very life.

Lift up your head –
See I am the coming King.
This word is for you.
My Word is true
Where you don’t seek, you don’t find.
When you don’t knock, I can’t open the door.
When you don’t ask, I cannot answer.
You have not because you ask not.

Open your eyes that you might see.
Open your ears that you might hear.
Take time with me and I will show you
Those things you desire to know.
They will be confirmed by my Word.
Follow after peace.
Decisions that please me bring peace.
Ask of me once again.
Ask of me that you might receive
And that your joy might be full.

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