I am the One who protects you

I am the One who protects you
Though you feel you are as in a cage.
I am the One who covers you
And the door can be opened wide –
I have given you control of the door;
The lock opens from inside.
No-one can come in or out
Without your permission.
You are your own person
For you I have a vision.
You are being prepared
I care for you each day
With such Fatherly care.
For are you not my special child?
I formed you in your mother’s womb.
I knew from the beginning
The plan I had for you.
You may feel you are in a cage
But I say to you
At any time, open the door wide
I will come in and sup with you
And together we can soar
Above the mountain top.
You will fly high
With me by your side.
This joy I give to you
For you are free to enjoy me
Day by day by day.
I would have you organise your time
To fly high with me.
Open wide the door of the cage –
Come now with me.
I would have you change your thinking.
By My Spirit you are free.
My love for you is very deep
Yoke now with me.

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