Flow in love, flow in love

Flow in love, flow in love
flow in victory
That is the key, that is the key,
to moving in faith with me.
As you flow in love
then comes joy and peace
My fruit will be clearly seen
The door will open
it will open wide
and you will step in for me
Into that place, that brand new place
of ministry for me.
You have been ministering, you have been loving
Yet more I require of “thee”
The door is open and as you step through
It is in a new place you will be,
It is a place of anointing
The right anointing for each task.
Ask me for wisdom and knowledge
Tap into my resources
It is not by might nor by power
But by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts,
Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the

The torch you hold is a flaming cross
It represents the power in my blood
That was shed for all eternity.
It was by love of the Father
That he gave me to die –
It is a flaming torch of salvation
I want you to hold up high,
It is a torch of deliverance
To set the captives free.
It is a torch of healing
Of healing love from me.

Pass it on and set on fire
Those who cross your path.
Some may not seem ready
Yet I have prepared the hearts
Be full of my power and anointing
Pass on the burning flame.
My Spirit will keep you anointed afresh
Cherish the burning flame.

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