God scoops us up and says to us – I want to lift you higher

God scoops us up and says to us – I want to lift you higher.

It is alright to joke and laugh but I want to lift you
higher – As the days go by much more is required of
those I would lift up – Be yourself, yet careless words
can be taken by the enemy.
Choose your words so that with care they will always
edify. More and more you will see what I mean.
You will truly glorify – You will glorify my Name by
every part of your being –
I am raising up a standard.
My standard is being raised.
Those who bear the marks of my Son and Jesus is His name
They will lift His name as a banner over all they say and do.
Truly I am raising a standard and His name will be clearly seen.
For those who desire to be glorified instead of glorifying the Name –
the Name of Jesus high and lifted up – they will be dropped along the way.
The time is coming and the time is short.
when the banner will be lifted so high,
And those who are willing to hold high His name will be so clearly seen –
Don’t be afraid – I will guard the way.
Stay faithful and you will see –
The gates of hell will not prevail.
I have given you all power over the enemy
For as my people, my bride, stands out so clearly
among the “crowd”, she will be equipped –
She will be prepared –
The Father takes her by the arm
The Bridegroom has been waiting
Without spot or wrinkle she comes

Be ready my people – be ready
The time I say is short
I long for you to rise up and up
That bride is being prepared.

Are you willing to raise the standard high?
Are you willing to raise my Name on high?
Are you willing to be clearly seen?
Are you willing to be for me, as Queen.
I am the Bridegroom and you are the Bride –

Do you hear my cry? Do you recognize?
I am calling you to a higher place.

It will not be easy but in you I see
the response I gave at Gethsemane –

Just take my hand, I understand.
I was crucified for you
And as you give all of yourself
That my Name will be lifted on high
My resurrection power will flow
You will be lifted up –

My Bride will be seen along my side –
Forever we will abide.

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