Hear my voice and hear it well

Hear my voice and hear it well
For there are many voices
Waiting to trip you up
To defect, to deter you
From that which is best
The very best I have for you.
I can use all things that come into your life
To bring good to you
For you are mine
And I am yours
And we inter-twine.
What affects you, affects me.
What hurts you, hurts me.
We can no longer separate ourselves
Without a wrenching
Without a breaking of the branches of the vine.
Truly I am the vine and you are the branches
How can we be separate?
There is to be no breaking unless I prune.
Where there is a breaking or a tearing that is not of me
There is damage to the vine.
I am the vine, you are the branches
We are truly inter-twined.
You are inter-twined with each other.
Take care not to over-crowd one another.
There is plenty of room.
Gently inter-twine with one another.
This enables me to prune.
My timing is always right
For each part of my vine.
I know where I would have a reaching out
And where I would restrict.
I have a plan and a purpose
I have the blue-print in my hand.
Abide in me
Rest in me
I am the best husbandman.

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