By my Spirit I draw

By my Spirit I draw
By my Spirit I woo
Those I would have come unto me.

By my Spirit I teach
By my Spirit I train
And put in remembrance the truths in my Word.

By my Spirit there is fruit
By my Spirit there are gifts

Flow my people, flow with me.

I have given you all that you require
To live in a full life, strong and free
Flowing in my giftings
Setting captives free –
Healing those who are hurting
With emotional and physical needs.

Rise up – Rise up my people
By my Spirit you will walk with me.
You will not run ahead or lag behind –
You will flow and be attuned to me.

I am raising up a people of power
Walking in love and unity
My bride will be without spot or wrinkle –
She will be prepared for me.
You are as pockets of gold in my kingdom
Prepared and awaiting my time.
I will bring forth my people together
Solid and shining for me.
Valuable and precious you are to me.

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