Be my garment

Be my garment
Do you understand my people ? –
You can be for me my living presence.
Nothing of your own achievement
But because of what I have done.
There is nothing you can do or say that will bring this about
As you have allowed me to draw you on
As you have responded to my Word
and to those whom I have sent –
It is who you have become in me.

I have been doing a work in you –
Know that it is true.
I have been moulding and making you in my image
You have been becoming more like me
From glory to glory I am changing you.

Expect to be used of me in different ways.
It is a new thing I am doing.
All I ask is that you be willing.
Open your eyes and see

Look afresh at one another
See the Christ in each other
Look and see me in each other
Reach out and touch another

Not for you to impart
But for you to receive.

Touch the hem of my garment
Through each other.

Know that I am doing a new thing
I have been bringing you to a new place in me,

Soak up my presence
my love
my anointing

and more
and more

That you might be

Full of my presence
Full of my love
Full of my anointing

It is for my glory
My glory will be seen and known in you my people
More and more and more.

It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.

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