There are ways of loosing my power

There are ways of loosing my power
My power is forever there
My power is present awaiting the time
When my people will learn to loose it –
More and more my people are being set free.
When I set them free, they are free indeed.
The time has come when my people will learn
To use the power that is within.
Those gifts I have given are not to be laid upon the shelf
Those gifts are to be used and will trigger my power.
Choose to speak my Word and bring into being
By your words those things that are not.
Command that healing to come into being
Knowing my will from my Word.
Use those weapons of power I have shown you –
Most of all using my Word.

You will grow You will learn
Don’t struggle or strive.
Take hold of the weapons I have given you.
Your confidence must be in Me
Not in your ability
To use the weapons given.
Don’t feel a failure when you don’t see
The result of your prayer straight away.
Those words spoken will bear fruit for me –
The healing, the miracle, the lives that are changed
Are all part of the harvest.
The Lord of the Harvest is calling you
To gather in my crop
To show to the world my miracle power
To win men and women to me
Girls and boys, young men and women
Teenagers and little babies –
The older men and women who have never heard
Need to see my love through you
In practical outworkings.

I am the Alpha and the Omega –
The Beginning and the End –
All things are working together
For the fulfilment of my plan.
Know that I am coming to receive my Bride.
I am doing a quick work, the likes of which
You have never seen.
You have seen stacks of cards or dominoes,
Roofs of buildings, all collapse –
As one card, one domino, one piece of
Roof timber is moved and it triggers
The movement that spreads and moves so quickly
That people marvel –
I have set in motion a balance that when
Triggered by my people and my power,
Will start to move and people will marvel –
Don’t be surprised when my shaking gains momentum
Don’t be surprised when my power moves.
You are part of my miracle-working power.
That desire that has been placed within you
to see my miracles that people will truly
know that God is real and never changing –
That desire that others will see and know my glory –
That desire will be fulfilled.

My glory will be seen and my glory will be known.

Concentrate your efforts, your time, your thinking
On my will for you each day.
Set your priorities on the things of me as you
have never done before.

Truly, I say to you, your bodies need to be
trained to contain my anointing such as I long
for you to move in.

Don’t struggle and don’t strive
Do not look at each other –
Each of you are different
And you are at different stages of development,
But I am doing a very quick work.
You will have instant results, but when you do not
Know that I am Sovereign.
I am the Lord your God.
Some people cannot receive instantly –
Sometimes the time is not quite right
And you will learn to be finely attuned to my Spirit
And know when the time is right.

This is the day of my power
Come forth as not before.

You will be part of my harvest –
You will be part of my triggering
You will be part of my setting ablaze my people
Into doing my works under my anointing.

Don’t be over-awed by this –
Your hearts are open before me
You are agreed to grow and learn of me.
You are fresh and clean before me.
You are united in love before me.

I use my people when they are in unity.
Be ready –
Ask for my priorities
Listen and obey.
I want to use you in a very special way.

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