Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid
I am with you
I will never leave you
You have said you love me
And I have not stopped loving you
Nothing can separate us
Your body or your lack of speech
I see you and I know your heart
My peace I give you
My peace I leave with you
Not as the world gives I give unto you
Let not your heart be troubled
Neither let it be afraid –
Trust me
Give yourself to me
I made your body
I made your frame
No one understands how you
feel right now except me –
Share things in your mind
and heart with me
Have hope in me –
I am your God –
What do you most want
Ask me
I hear you
and I will answer you –
I care about you
And I love you –
I need you to be ready
for when I call you to myself –
What do you want from me – tell me
I hear you
Tell me
I love you –
I am your God
I am your Lord
I am Lord of all –

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