Do not speak words against my Bride

Do not speak words against my Bride
I say – “Enough is enough!”
You may believe you are speaking truth
Yet the words you use are tough.
You may not mean to criticize
Or say words that judge,
But it is not your job to do this –
It is for me to judge.

I am wooing her
I am calling her
To a deeper walk with me.

From now on, I ask my people
Those who see and hear
Those who see where there is need of prayer
Those who hear my voice so clear –

There are babes in me
Who will stumble
Unless you change your ways

Hear what I am saying
Know it is true.
Your words are to always speak life –
Under the cloak of teaching
Deception can become rife.

I ask you to pray as never before
And cover the sin of my Bride –
I will make her clean and pure
By my fire I will purify.

I appeal to you my people –
It is for you to see
That as you love one another
And cover the sins of my Bride
The world will know you belong to me
And you will not defile my Bride –
That may seem a harsh thing to say
But you know the power of the tongue;
You know it speaks words of life and death –
All these things you know –
Yet in teaching and revealing
And showing the negative side,
Those seeds will grow in the enemy’s hands
And in those on the immature side.

I ask you to take these words today
To take them deep in your heart.
I need my Body to be loyal to each other –
Loyal as not before.
You are to show a united front
To the world knocking at your door.

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