Do you have anything unresolved in the Body of Christ?

Do you have anything unresolved in the Body of Christ? –
A “Forgive me” or an “I forgive you”?
I would have you go to that one
As I have told you to.
It is very clear in my Word
It is my heart’s desire
That you love one another as I have loved you –
That is all that I require
For my people to work in harmony –
To flow together as “one”.
It is not a big thing I ask of you
That my will might be done;
Yet it will have a profound effect
In the plan I have for you
And in the one that has been bound –
It is what I require of you.

You are a precious vessel
Oh how I love my Bride!
She will be without a blemish –
Together we will abide.
Be ready for my coming.
I ask you to be prepared.
Care for one another
As for you I have cared.
Bring in the harvest
Working together as “one”
Without competition
As We are “One”
Father, Son and Spirit
We are as a team
Each esteeming the other –
And you are my Queen.
I am called “the King of Kings”
Honoured by my Father –
You are my Bride, my Queen
I long to hear your laughter.
Be free to enjoy sweet fellowship
One with another
Know my joy day by day
Honour one another.

The day will come when I return.
I ask that you be ready.
Be full of compassion
As the harvest you bring in.
It will not be easy
As the enemy will rise
Yet as your Bridegroom, I say to you
Keep looking into my eyes –
I will show you myself
In other parts of my Bride.
Keep loving every part of me
Till I call you to my side.

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