You are being transformed

You are being transformed
Into my image –
Like me.

You were willing to go into the cage
But no-one’s the Master
But me.

It would seem that the door is shut
That it’s locked and bolted
And barred –

But I am watching and waiting
And those desperate cries
I’ve heard.

I am the one who puts the cover
Upon your cage
At night.

I want you to hear my secrets –
Sit quiet and listen
At night.

You are growing new feathers,
They are fluffy and new
For me.

You will fly out of that cage
A brand new creature
For me.

It is I who will unlock the door
And you will fly out
So free –

You might feel like a parrot now
But it’s an eagle you’ll be
For me.

You will soar and fly so high –
To heights you have not
Yet known.

You will teach others how to fly –
In love swooping down
So low.

Don’t be afraid of the dying kicks
That are evident
Right now.

All the frustrations you have known so long
Will no longer have
The power.

Be prepared and watch for when
The door will open
So wide.

I am the one with the Master key –
I love you – I’m waiting

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