Always I have called my people to pray

Always I have called my people to pray
Always I have called them to come
“Come follow me” are the words I did say
By my life I showed them the way to pray.

I only did what the Father showed me –
My Father was always there
Waiting for when I would ask of Him
Waiting for my time of prayer.

I could always hear Him
If I stopped to listen.
We were always as One.
Yet I set those special times aside
to be hindered by no-one.

This is a time of coming aside
To hear my voice, just me.
There are many voices clamouring to be heart –
Focus just on me.

My people, my people I ask you to come
To come together and pray as one –
To be of one heart, one mind, one Spirit
To be in one accord for me.
Oh that I might have you come
And kneel together before me!

Those who would come to my Holy Mountain
My blood is sufficient for you.
Come with clean hands and pure hearts.
Stop at my cleansing fountain.

When my people called by my Name
Humble themselves and pray
Turning from their wicked ways
And seeking my face,
I have promised I will hear from heaven
I have promised to answer their prayer
To forgive their sin and heal their land –
That promise will always stand.

I am not a man that I should lie
Nor the son of man that I should repent.
Come to me – come I say
Follow me and let us pray.

It is by my Spirit I now come
Drawing you together as one.
Do not compete for words to say
Wait on my Spirit – wait, I say.

He will show you my strategy
He will show you my heart
He will show you the way to pray
And the times to be set apart.

My heart is full of love for you
You are very dear to my heart
Love one another as I have loved you
Allow me to lead from the start.

A trumpet call is going out
Across the City
Across our land.
A call to prayer –
A call to war!
A call to repent
As never before!

I am coming
I want you ready!
Listen to what I say
Listen to what I say!

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