As the sun warms the earth

As the sun warms the earth
And permeates the soil
So my love warms the heart
Deep into the soul.
I would have my people
Healed and whole
And free.
This cannot happen
until my love flows free.

Drink in my love
Soak in my love
Worship only me.
Allow my love to envelop –
Every fibre of your being.
Then it will flow
It will overflow
Wherever you have your “being”
You will move in newness of life
Your life will have new meaning.

I gave my love
My ultimate love
When I gave my Son
As that sacrifice.
He knew my will –
He loved through that cross
That love he passed on to you.

Soak up that love –
Pass on that love –
This is that new life
Resurrection love!
Resurrection life!
Such is the power of the blood of the cross
Never ending –

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