As you hold the torch up high

As you hold the torch up high
The flaming torch for me
Know it is a torch of love
A torch of victory
Of praise and prayer
love power and victory
The name of Jesus and his shed blood
clear for all to see.

This torch indeed is a torch of fire
For you to hold higher and higher.
Be not ashamed for it represents
True living faith in me.
This torch has been carried right through the ages
Held high and strong for me.

There are ones I am calling to run
with the torch
Strong and high and free.
My name is to be glorified.
My truth to be clearly seen.
There is a path I would have you take
Seek direction from me.

Be for me as a flaming torch
That I might lift you high
Full of love
and praise and prayer
My power and victory.
My name will be truly lifted high
Through my blood and your testimony.
You will be a torch of victory.
It is my victory.
I have won the victory for you.

Be for me as a burning flame
My glory clearly seen.
Allow my Spirit to ignite you afresh
To burn – to cleanse – to purge.
Allow my Spirit to move in your life
To use you with his gifts.
Allow my Spirit to bring forth in you
Sweet fruit for my glory.
Allow my Spirit to glorify me
In you life,
From glory to glory.

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