Trust me my people – trust trust trust

Trust me my people – trust trust trust
This you must do – must must must
The ways of the world will always fail you
Man can never attain the fullness of life without a Saviour
The Word is becoming a common word
Not so in the days of old
There is only one Saviour that redeems mankind
My Son – My Son – My Son
By His blood His blood His blood.
Never again does there need to be
Atonement for your sin –
Repent my people, and you can know
the fullness of what I have done.
I long to set you fully free
You have only as yet had a taste of me.
Deeper and deeper I would have you go
Into realms you have not known before.
I say to you – fully trust
Trust as you have never trusted before
In My Word – in My Name – in My Blood.
Trust in me and in all I represent –
I represent my Father’s love.

The love of the world, the flesh and the Devil
The things that represent these
Will always fail – they will never last
They are your enemy.
Fight against these things in your daily walk
Fight! fight! fight!
Use the weapons I have given
Do not put them down
For it is time – it is time – it is time!
March! March! March!
In time together with me
In unity
I have one army but many battalions –
Listen for my strategy
Move in unity
Look to me and in me only
Put your trust.