There are words I would speak

There are words I would speak
There are words I would say.
Do I not need a voice
To speak them this day?

This is a day of confusion, deception and strife

I need a voice that will speak forth peace
That will speak out loud and clear.

There are many that need to hear my voice
In their hearts they are crying out to me.
I have an answer – I am the answer
I need a voice to speak out for me.

Once more I say for you to speak out
Speak out as it were from the roof tops
Make it loud and clear.
I have given you boldness – my words bring life.
No longer in my people need there be such strife.

Speak out for me
Speak forth from me
My words will be so clear.

Don’t struggle or strive
Let them flow from me.
You are a vessel of many, many vessels
That will pour out from me.
Out of your belly shall flow rivers
Of living water.
Let them flow
Let them flow freely.
Your life will match up for me
As you continue in my Word
As you live for me.
I would have you enter into my rest
In my authority
Don’t be passive or lazy or slow
But be quick to respond to me.

No longer are you to hesitate
To put off words from me

Gone is the time when you are not sure
Of how and when to speak them out
For truly you are a spokesman
The words are not to be put on a shelf
You are speak them forth
With boldness and life.
Your confidence is in me
Take up your shield
Pick up your sword
You are to go forth and bring in life.
Words of death have been spoken
Spoken far and wide.
Speak forth my Word
Bring forth new life
In you is resurrection life
Bring it forth from my very being
Love with your words and deeds.
You are for me a vessel
Of many many vessels for me.
I am calling them forth
To pour forth for me
Words of resurrection life.
It is the harvest time
Prepare the way
Prepare my people
Help pave the way for me
I am coming
It will be soon

Help my people be ready for me.

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