Take time to listen

Take time to listen
Take time to learn –
Don’t you understand
It’s for you I yearn.

I want you to take
More time with me –
How else can I teach you
More of me?

Take time with me
Take time with me –
I want to show you
My glory.

Be still with me
Be still with me –
That is the way

Rejoice with me
Rejoice with me –
I want you to know
Deep joy with me.

Hope in me
Hope in me –
I want you to have
New hope in me.

Trust in me
Trust in me –
I am the one
Who will set you free.

Praise my name
Praise my name
My name is higher than
Any other name.

Touch my garment
Touch my garment –
You will be whole
If you reach out to me.

Glory in me
Glory in me –
This is the way

Full of my light
Full of my love
Full of my truth
And to reach out in love.

Full of my mercy
Full of my grace –
You have my compassion
Go to my place.

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