To obey is better than sacrifice

1 Sam 15 – 1 Sam 18

To obey is better than sacrifice.

To hear my voice clearly and obey those things which
I say to the letter is indeed important to me.
As I speak and my people move in unity and in obedience
then I am able to move in a united front against the
works of darkness. Satan has a plan and strategy but he
can only go as far as I will allow.
I am preparing a people who will obey me to the letter,
and will not spare anything when I say destroy.

The time is coming when I will call upon my people to
do things which in the natural to you seems foolish,
not necessary, hard, but I say to you, I have a
strategy and when the time is ready, I will remove the
wheat from the chaff, I sill separate the sheep from
the goats, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy
and those who still refuse to return to me – those
who continually give allegiance to the one who defied
me long ago, will be cut off.

I am the Lord your God and I exercise loving-kindness
and justice and righteous in the earth, but the time
is coming when I will say “no more!”

I will raise up and I will put down those whom I
choose in places of authority. Nations that continually
deny that I am the God of all the Universe will not
prosper, they will be destroyed. Yet always there is
a remnant – always there are those who love me –
Pray and stand in the gap for am I not a God who
hears the prayers of my people. Am I not a God who
loves to fulfil the desires of my people.

Pray my daughter and I will show you answers to
prayer that you will marvel. By the words of your
mouth you can change the lives of those around you,
your family, friends, neighbours, church, city,
nation – other countries in the world.

By your words you can bring into being those things
which are not – by my Spirit.

Keep trusting, praying and believing. You will grow.

You will hear and see in the Spirit more and more.

You will move in my power as not before
as you learn to move in all I have given you.

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