That which will last is your relationship with me

That which will last is your relationship with me
that will continue and carry on into eternity.
As you sit at my feet each day
and soak up my presence
As you soak up my love and my anointing,
You will accomplish each that which I have planned for you

It is not your plans that need to be completed,
Yes your plans are often part of my plan
but I say to you, you will not grieve if you seek me
for my plan each day.
My plan needs to be completed.
Do you hear me my people,
Tune into my plan each day.
You are truly part of the army
My end-time army
If you don’t listen and obey my orders
The battle cannot go according to my plan.
I need you to hear what I am saying.

Rest in my presence
Rest in my love
Rest in my anointing.

No more struggling and striving to accomplish in my Kingdom.
The battle is mine – the victory is won,
You will move in my anointing as never before
You will accomplish in my name more than you could have imagined.
Your relationship with me, through my Holy Spirit
Learning to know the Father’s heart, His desire, His plan,
It is to be your first priority
Everything else will slot into place.
You will be amazed at the strength, the joy, the peace –
The freedom from stress you will have.
I love you with an everlasting love.

As you spend that special time with me
Before your busy day commences,
You will start to really see
How precious you are to me.
I will reveal some of my secrets to you
and you will move in assurance in my love.

My love will never fail you.
It will encompass you
It will envelop you.
My love and anointing will overflow to all you meet.
Start to soak up my love and my anointing
My presence even now.

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