There is a plan and a purpose and a destiny

There is a plan and a purpose and a destiny
That must be fulfilled.
Stay close to my heart
Stay close to my ear
Whisper to me all the doubts and the fears
So that my plans can be fulfilled.
My Word is clear
You have nothing to fear,
You belong to me
There is no other way than my way
To allay all those fears –
For you are a chosen vessel
My Word is very clear –
Some for honour and
Some for dishonour.
Yet these are earthen vessels.

I say to you – Allow me to use you
In the way that I choose.
Become pliable in my hands.
Read my Word
Hear what I say.
My Word is a lamp to your feet
A light to your path
Step by step I will take you
Into my plan and purpose for you.
You have been prepared.
It is no longer what you want to do.

Peace you will have in abundance
As you learn to obey.
For how can you know more than your Maker
What is best for you each day.
There will be struggles
There will be trials –
Yet always we will win.
I am at your side
In Me abide
Know my peace within.

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