A new way – A new day

It is a new way
It is a new day
There is a “Body” awareness
As not before.
There is a caring for others
In ways as not before.
There is an awareness of others
Who do not know me.

There will be a crying in the Spirit
Right across the nation.
There will be a crying in the Spirit
Right across my world –
For truly all the world is mine
And the fullness thereof.
My people live on my land –
It is my land
There are many people living on my land
Who do not know me
They are unaware that the Landlord is coming

As you start to understand the winds –
The wind of my Spirit and the winds over my land,
You will learn to embrace the wind –
You will learn to speak to the wind
As I have spoken to you,
Recognise this is not a light thing –
It is not a simple request.
The words I will give will be profound.

There will come into being an army tuned in
Learning to speak a new thing.
It is the language of the Spirit –
It will include tongues
Yet each will speak in their own dialect
In the Spirit and with understanding.

This is a new day of my people moving together
To accomplish my plan and purpose
In the world today –
My world
You will embrace the wind of my Spirit as it comes
And you will send my Word across the lands
As you speak to the wind.
It will not return to me void –
It will accomplish that for which I send it.
You will read signs in the sky
Accomplished by my wind.
Accomplished because of my angelic hosts
Who carry my messages as I will.

My daughter, you are one who will speak forth my Word
In majesty and power
For you will speak from the heart of the King
And you are one of my scribes.
You will bring forth treasures new and old
To speak forth for me.
Embrace what I am doing
Embrace the new wind blowing.
Hold it very close to you
That you might pass on to others
That which I require.
You will interact for me.
Trust in me
Not in your own understanding.
Just listen each day.
Take time to be.
Organize your time in a different way
For there are things to do you know not of.

My people will hear my voice as not before
And there will be teams across the land.
You will know the how and the when.
Don’t doubt my daughter.
I am speaking to you.
It is my voice you hear.
More and more it will be more clear
The way I would have you walk.
You truly have not walked this way before.

(Words recorded on the plane travelling to Israel In 1998)

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