I am speaking to My Church

I am speaking to my Church,
Those who make up my Church.
How often do I have to say to you
“Those who have ears, let them hear”
We are attuned to other voices
We have set thought patterns in our minds
Help us Lord to fine tune to your voice
Help us to block out other voices we hear.

Find your place in my Body
Know your calling in me
The time is short
I am coming soon
Spend more time listening to me.
There are needs to be met
There are people to save
There are healings to impart.

There has been much deception
There are listening ears for that
Yet I have a core of people
A core that is world-wide.
They will move out as an army
Infiltrating from all sides.
It is in the secret place
My instructions will be given.
You will know in your heart
The words you hear will be clear.
Assemble for me in pockets
For you will be strengthened now
As you assemble yourselves together.
Bring your psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.
It will not be from one or two alone
You will hear what I would say
You will know a flowing as I orchestrate for you
A symphony of symphonies
That will give clear direction for you.

It will not be in programmes
For in it is man.
My Spirit will surprise you –
I am the one that has the plan.
I will not give my glory to any other
I will not give my glory to man.
You will recognise those who put me first –
Their humility will be seen.
It is in that secret place
That I can share my secrets
As well as my over-all plan.
Take that time to be still with me
Even corporately.
Even while together, each will hear
Part of the plan – for me.
That is my heart’s desire
That you listen together
For my strategy.

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