In time of war

There will be a working through
Of my plan, stage to stage.
It is not the plans of men
As you see the battles rage.
You will see more and more
The plans of men will fail.
I will assert just who I am
And that men are my creation.
Know this, that as I unfold
My plan for the world,
Men will fall in behind my plan
As my power is displayed.
There is nothing in this world
Of which I am unaware.
My hand is on the plans of men
Which I can quickly turn.
My power is greater than any other
And I use it as I will.
My control I will give to no other
Regardless of what it seems.
I will allow the war to run
To fulfil my plan and purpose.
My Word is true and there will be
The war of Armageddon.
Megiddo has been set apart –
My nation will prevail.
All events will lead to this.
My people, rest assured
The peace that I give in times of war
Will be experienced more and more.
My people, you are not to fear –
Know my love and grace and mercy.
Impart to others around you
My love and grace and mercy.
Fill yourself every day with the truth in my Word.
Take for yourself my words to you.
Take time to listen and be
My hands and feet and my mouth-piece.
As I am seen in you, there is the glory.
My glory will be seen and my glory will be known.
Rise up my people, and be my glory.

“Christ in you the hope of glory”

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