I know the full plan for you

Do you plan ahead –
– so far ahead
That today is of no account?
Or are you one that does not plan
As each day comes and goes?

God would say – I want you to know
The direction I would have you take –
Be not concerned for things too far ahead
To the detriment of each day –
And don’t live each day with no aim
For the next day or following days.

I want you to live a balanced life
Looking ahead for me.
Not too far that today doesn’t count
Or behind to what has gone –
But each day knowing there’s work to be done
And for the days that follow on –
I will take care of the far ahead –
I know the way you are going.

I have my hand upon your life.
Continue to trust in me.
I will show you each step to take –
I know the full plan for you.
Continue to trust –
Continue to know –
My hand is on your life.
The path you have chosen
Is the right path
And you will learn more and more
My way is the way of Truth,
The way of love and peace and joy –
I will guide and I will direct as you
Come to me for direction.
Look not behind or too far ahead.
Each day I will help you plan your goals
And they will be my goals for you.

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